Anxiety Service

Anxiety is typically misunderstood, leaving sufferers feeling afraid and isolated.  Once people understand the nature of anxiety they will naturally become less afraid of it and begin to relax and feel better. 

In KASP counselling sessions we can explain what anxiety is, how if functions, why it feels the way it feels and what happens to the activity of the mind, brain and body when in the anxious state.  This demystifies the anxious state and allows the person to begin to learn a new approach to managing and reducing their anxiety.

Those who have accessed the service to date report feeling great benefits:

"The anxiety treatment has completely changed the way I feel about everything, I have been out on my own.  Normally I avoid talking to people, even when I know them, but recently I've felt more like my old self".

"That horrible feeling that I used to have all the time in my stomach has gone!"

It may be possible to provide a group experience for those wishing to access anxiety support.  If you are interested in participating in an anxiety group contact the office.