About Us

The History of KASP

Before KASP was born there was a self-help group for female survivors which ran from volunteer bureaux in Kirkcaldy , In 93 there was a gap identified by social workers, Lorraine one of our current workers and Bernice one of our current board members were two of them and a need was identified. With the help of the female survivors a 2nd bid was successful and we received funding Urban Aid funding in 1995.

Awaiting to hear from The lottery as we were looking at KASP closing , our manager Anne McDonald at the time put on an event at the Adam Smith Centre and invited many people to attend , Fife Council being very much part of this , as we had been offering significant support to a big case in Fife dealing with abuse in the 70’s in a children home in Ellie . KASP promoted a film Kind of Hush and the director and producer attended too…from this Fife council gave us 6 months money to keep us going till we were lucky enough to receive lottery funding.It was a huge event, we could have filled Adam smith twice over.

Kirkcaldy Area Abuse Survivors” Project started as an Independent Urban Programme funded Project, which received joint funding from both the Scottish Office and Fife Council. The Project was recognised as a Scottish Charity by the Inland Revenue established in January 1995 for the purpose of providing a range of free and confidential support services to adults, both male and female (16 years and over) from ‘Priority Areas’ in Kirkcaldy, Levenmouth, Glenrothes, Kennoway, Burntisland and Cardenden. 

The urban aid funding ended in 1999 but an application to the lottery was successful and Fife Council and this was agreed to 2002.

By 2000 Kirkcaldy Area Abuse Survivors Project was covering all of Fife and to reflect this, their name was changed to Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project.

In 2002 KASP moved to new premises in Townsend Place and during that year were able to employ extra staff.

We are organisational members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) 

Our counselling service is BACP accredited.

We are a registered charity governed by a Board of voluntary Trustees.

Registered Charity in Scotland SC023079

Registered Company SC524668

In the event of having a complaint you can find our complaints policy here and our complaints procedure here

Confidential service

All of the services of KASP are confidential to KASP team within the following limitations. 
Where we receive information that there is risk of harm to self or others we may not be able to maintain confidentiality.  We also work within Fife Council’s Child Protection procedures and would be unable to maintain confidentiality where a child was perceived to be at risk. 

There are certain legal requirements to report e.g. acts of terrorism and in these instances we cannot maintain confidentiality.

Wherever possible, and within the confines of legislation, we would always aim to discuss any situation where confidentiality could not be upheld with the client first.  Please ask for a copy of our Confidentiality Policy if you require more detailed information.