Our Counselling & Support Service

At KASP we provide counselling and support. This is provided by our counsellors and trainee counsellors. Both counselling and support can feel quite similar and they can be used in one same session by the same counsellor. So what’s the difference?

In a nutshell, if we thought about counselling and support as a person, the support helps with all the external aspects, and the counselling the internal aspects.

What is counselling?

Counselling provides you with space and time to explore and understand what you are going through in more depth. This means you can express yourself, giving you more breathing space to help you cope with day-to-day life, also allowing you the time to explore deeper issues that may be impacting on your ability to cope long-term.

The counsellor will listen and offer you the core conditions, empathy, positive regard and congruence.

 Counselling is being with the person in their internal muddle and listening to where they are , allowing the client to find their way, building up a therapeutic relationship, helping the person take control of their life , explore and understanding their feelings in depth. Giving them space and time to understand and accept themselves.

What is Support?

Support might also feel very similar as it is too about emotional well-being, so the counsellor will listen and offer the core conditions too.

Support can at times feel like we are doing, so advising, directing, helping dealing with practical issues that are getting in the way of the internal struggle e.g. help with forms etc. 

The counsellor may be more active in this role whilst always checking in with the client what their needs are , as this is very much still being client led.

At times it can feel like Counselling and Support merge into one as the counsellor is the same.

The importance in all of this is the relationship with the counsellor and client. The process being very much client led, whether it be counselling or support

Whatever though is offered to the client comes  from a warm and genuine place, out of care and concern whilst believing at all costs that the client has the answers just they may need some space and time to find them


One of our survivors who received counselling from KASP kindly wrote a piece about her experience. She rang the doorbell and climbed the stairs last year. She very much was struggling with everyday life, trying very much to manage her trauma, she was looking for a companion to listen and to support her as she unraveled some of her story.She put some words on to paper to show how it felt to access our service and let everyone have a bit of a picture of how it would be to attend KASP.

We also want to honor her journey sharing it with you. 

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Q. What's it like coming to KASP?

A. I came to KASP not knowing what to expect. I knew I needed specialised help for my years of trauma but I didn't think I would be able to express myself and my emotions to the counsellor I was meeting.

I was quickly set at ease as my counsellor was very warm and she explained I was to take my time to put in my own words why I was there and not to feel pressured to divulge too quickly or too much.

KASP is a very supportive place with a relax setting. I am never put under pressure to keep talking. I am always given a safe space to express myself and it’s always met with non - judgmental and caring support.

Q. Has it helped?

A. I have found over the last year of going to KASP that I have made such progress in my emotional journey. I am a shy person but have been allowed to go at my own pace. I have never been made to feel uncomfortable with the information I decide to divulge. On the contrary.

My counsellor works hard with me to break all my memories and emotions down to such a way that I can begin to deal with them and try to process such things. To live alongside them and together we find a way to make that safe for me.

I was in a very bad emotional state and my mental health was at its worst when I first went to KASP, as I had carried all my secrets for nearly 40 years.

I had no belief that talking would be helpful, KASP and my counsellor saved my life. I could no longer cope or manage such trauma on my own. Now a year later I go to KASP weekly as that is what I need, everyone is different.

I am changed as a person.

I now believe I deserve to be recognised as a worthwhile human being. The counsellor was the first person in my life I told my secrets too and she believed me.
That was life changing. She is such an anchor to me when I get carried away with the negatives, like the shame and guilt that I experience... She turns it around and offers comfort through our emotionally tough work and I now believe I have a chance at a future.

Q. How hard was it for you?

A. I have had to realise that none of this will be easy. It is emotionally draining and of course I’m facing my secret heart of memories and feelings but I am not alone in the dark anymore... I feel greatly supported and I continue going to KASP because every appointment I achieve and sit for an hour and talk. This has an impact on my lost self, the part of me I haven’t accepted exists. It may be unspoken but I know it happens.

Every year we continually offer clients a place to come and be with their feelings and emotions.
The courage to pick up the phone, dial the number, text, attend appointments can be enormous.
Without the continued funding we receive, plus the commitment and loyalty from staff, volunteers and trainees, specialist resources would be limited for our clients, these clients who as children were often denied the presence of another kind, caring , human being at the time when they needed it most.


We offer open ended weekly  counselling sessions. This means there is not a limit as to how many sessions you can get

We support adults who have experience any form of sexual abuse in childhood.

We also offer support to partners, families and friends of survivors of CSA and non-abusing parents of children who have suffered sexual abused.

We too support agencies and organisations.

We know that starting your healing journey can be challenging and scary. 

Here at KASP we want to offer a safe space to be able to be you, to feel, to explore, to cry or be angry, to take all the time you need to tell your story, to not tell your story at all if this is what you prefer, to just be where you are without being judged or having to feel shame. 

Here at KASP we will believe you and we will listen.

Need more information?

We understand reading all information online can be confusing and overwhelming so please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if you require to talk things through with someone.