Our services

What services we offer

The core project was started in 1995 and has been offering counselling and support to anyone over the age of 16 who has been sexually abused as a child. We offer a Fife wide Service, provide counselling and support, our office is based in Kirkcaldy.

Our premises are not disabled access and not everyone can travel to Kirkcaldy either, therefore we try to see people close to their homes in suitable premises around Fife and on occasions also see people in their own homes too.

Our counselling and support is provided by counsellors, volunteer counsellors and also trainee counsellors. We have female and male counsellors and support workers.

All of our services are open ended which means services are open to you and ongoing for as long as you feel you need them for. This is about what YOU are needing even when you make that first step to ask for help you still might not be sure what you are looking for and with the help and support of KASP can help you with this. What happened to you as a child is very much your story , we cannot change that , we can though with your help and acceptance move to a place where the past is in the past and you are living in the here and now .. as it can feel at times like you are a prisoner of the past.

“We can transform our original traumatic experiences into a new positive perception of ourselves as human beings who are completely lovable and loving, courageous and strong, taking power over our lives with pride , dignity and self-respect “ (Constance Nightingale)

KASP also offers support to family member, partners, friends anyone who is supporting someone who has been sexually abused. A space for them to get support while they offer help and support to the person in their life they care about. This can be a one of session or several, at the initial appointment this will looked at and discussed.

Counselling & Support

Counselling is about working together , you and your counsellor helping with the muddle that is left behind having suffered childhood sexual abuse.

Its having a space for you, your counsellor will listen, accept, believe, care, won’t judge and nurture ….and will help you understand the complex mix of feelings and emotions. 

At KASP we don’t only offer counselling but we also offer practical support to make sure survivors have their basic needs met too. 


Domestic Abuse

On this service we provide 1:1 outreach support and counselling to survivors of childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse; including risk assessments, emotional support, advocacy work, involvement in child protection procedures and safety planning.

We also facilitate the CEDAR mothers group (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) for  mothers


Young People

The young person service is designed to focus and prioritise the needs of the 16-25 year olds who are referred or refer themselves to KASP’s service.

We offer 1-1 face to face counselling, videocall or telephone counselling. This is within the KASP premises, but outreach is also available.


This service it will soon launch at KASP to offer survivors of childhood sexual abuse befriending services to reduce isolation and improve social skills.