Our Young People Service

Who is this service for?

The young person service is designed to focus and prioritise the needs of the 16-25 year olds who are referred or refer themselves to KASP’s service. 

This service was set up specifically for this age group as high numbers were seen to be referring into the service  but due to the long waiting lists weren’t getting seen to until much further down the line and as a result were losing momentum and were consequently lost to the service. 

The aim of the YP specific service was to be able to prioritise these people, they would go onto a separate waiting list and would be seen much more in the immediate than what was previously happening. As a charity we are limited in what we can offer however all of our clients are incredibly important to us so this new service was seen as a way to avoid people becoming lost to us.


The Young People service is incredibly valuable and important, and the best way for us to show you this is through the testimonies of some of the young people using our services. 

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Having been on the waiting list for months with my GP it felt really good to have someone hear how desperate for help I was and offer it immediately, I only waited three weeks from referring myself to meeting my counsellor, I don’t know where I’d be now if that hadn’t happened.


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I like having someone I can talk to, who doesn’t try to fix my problems, or pretend that they understand them, Niamh just listens to me, every week.


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I didn’t know what to expect from counselling, if it would help me, but it has, every week I feel a little lighter and a little less scared of the world.


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My counsellor helps me to understand what happened to me, she helps me accept that it wasn’t my fault and I don’t need to keep hurting myself. What happened to me was wrong and I didn’t deserve it, I’ve never been able to say that before.

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What do we offer?

The services offered are 1-1 face to face counselling, videocall or telephone counselling. 

This is within the KASP premises, but outreach is also available for clients who may struggle with transport or don’t have the means necessary to make the journey. This can also help people who suffer with social anxiety who may not cope well with making long journeys. 

The counselling is offered on an open ended scale and will continue for as long as is necessary. This is something that is discussed within the therapeutic relationship with counsellor and client at regular intervals t ensure the client is getting the most out of their sessions.

Coming soon!

Peer support groups

There will also be peer support available (coming soon hopefully) where small groups of KASP clients can form together a peer support group with myself as the administrator. 

The group work will be scheduled out and various topics will be covered over an 8 week period of 1½ hour session. 

The topics will include self esteem, self concept, setting up boundaries, healthy relationships, and more. 

The groups are designed as a place for the clients to gain extra support from myself but also their peers, it is not designed to be group therapy and so the ground rules around this will be made clear from the start. It can be for clients before/during/after individual therapy.

Need any more information?

We know sometimes reading information on the web can be very overwelming and confusing, so it is okay to call us or to send us an email if you want to speak to someone who can go through the information with you.