Volunteering @ KASP

Volunteering at KASP: what are the options?

Volunteers are one of the most valuable things we have here at KASP. Due to the limited amount of funding available, without you we would not be able to run all our services and maintain our big waiting lists at bay.  So please read further as we have opportunities for everyone! 

Counselling placement

Are you undertaking your diploma in counselling and/or psychotherapy and you are required to look for a placement to do your counselling practice hours? 

Kasp can be your placement provider! The counselling we offer is long term and around complex trauma, therefore this can be a challenging placement but an extremely rewarding one which will make you grow significantly not just as a practitioner but also as a person. 

Volunteer counsellors

Are you a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist and would like to contribute to a great cause volunteering your expertise and knowledge? or perhaps you would like to expand your horizons and add to your belt some practice hours working with complex trauma and sexual violence in a long term basis? 

 Kasp would be delighted to hear from you as it is thanks to volunteers how we can keep waiting lists shorter and manage waiting times better for survivors in need of help.



Would you like to do fun things or go out for a coffee with our survivors and contribute to increase their quality of life reducing their isolation? Do you yourself could do with having more friends? or having more interesting activities to do? 

Independently of your qualifications we would love to hear from you! 

Your time would be invaluable to KASP and to survivors. It has never been so easy to make a difference than just having a coffee with someone 🙂

Other volunteering

We also accept applications for other types of volunteers that do not require a counselling qualification but the simple desire to give, learn and contribute to a great cause. 

We are interested in people that can help us developing and delivering training, carry out admin task, fundraising, social media and website activities! 

So whatever it is your background we would love to hear from you as Kasp appreciates all help!

Board of Governors

Would you like to make a difference to your local community or to society as a whole being part of our board of governors helping lead KASP and making sure it is effectively and properly run and is meeting its overall purposes?

If you think you have skills and experience to contribute with and are good making decisions and working colaboratevely in a team we would love to hear from you!

Feedback & Comments from our volunteers

Here at KASP we have a high percentage of volunteer retention because volunteering with us is a great experience! But don’t listen to me, let our volunteers, past and present, to tell you instead 🙂

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I have worked at KASP, as a Volunteer Counsellor, for six years. At the moment I work one day per week where I see three clients.

Whilst doing my counselling training I did my placement at KASP and knew, very quickly, that the work I was doing was something I would like to continue with when my training was complete. And so I remained.

Working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse can be demanding and, at times, painful. But it is, at all times, hugely meaningful, rewarding and worthwhile. And, it is a huge privilege to sit alongside those who come to KASP as they embark upon the often harrowing process of dealing with, exploring and processing the abuse they suffered as children.

Thus, as a counsellor, pivotal to my work is the support I get at KASP. Monthly supervision offers a space where I can discuss, openly and honestly, and in confidence, any issues that are troubling me: where I can ask for and receive support and advice.

Care, warmth and understanding are on hand at all times - as is laughter, something so important for both clients and counsellors. Always, there is someone on hand who will listen, without judgement; who will offer support; and who will understand the unique issues that can surface when working in this area.

And…..I am so very, very glad I remained at KASP.


" "

I’ve been volunteering at KASP since summer 2019 – just before I finished my counselling diploma. The induction training was a great combination of theory, experiential work and getting to know the more experienced counsellors. The staff are friendly. As a volunteer, I feel trusted; there’s a light touch. But there’s always support and guidance available when I need it.


" "

From the very start, volunteering for KASP has been an excellent opportunity for me to enhance and develop my skills learnt at university and put them into practice. I have had the extra benefit of learning new Invaluable skills in a specialised field with continuous ongoing training. 

I feel very privileged to be a part of such an important service, work alongside like-minded people in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The charity is well organised and during placement its offers extra CPD and their supervision provided is second to none. 

Throughout my placement with KASP I can honestly say my skills have improved significantly and whenever in doubt, there is always someone around to help support or advise me when dealing with my own client base. 

I would highly recommend a placement with KASP if working alongside trauma clients is of interest, you will not be disappointed.


" "

My experience at KASP has been very positive. I was welcomed from my induction weekend; I quickly felt like I was part of a wee family.  

I had no experience of supporting survivors and was apprehensive about my ability to do this but I think the team saw my qualities, transferable skills and passion and helped me to believe in myself.  

The induction training was a great foundation for starting practice and I’ve had lots of opportunities to develop my knowledge by attending training ... resourcing, dissociation, suicide, shame and more. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with our clients; working long term allows us to build strong therapeutic relationships. I feel privileged to hear their stories, offer support and be part of each persons journey. 


" "

I started as trainee counsellor at KASP with very little knowledge of the effects of childhood sexual abuse and the trauma suffered by survivors, or how hard it is just for survivors to just function every day. I found the training within KASP invaluable for this. Although all our clients are different and very unique, it gave me a firm basis to start from, a solid foundation of knowledge to help me build my skills for counselling survivors.

I have been volunteering with KASP for several years now and I am always amazed at other volunteers and the staff member’s dedication, commitment, to our clients and each other for making KASP a safe place for survivors to attend, to have time and space just for themselves.

Through my volunteering I have met some wonderful people, both working and volunteering, and not forgetting my clients, whom have all taught me something about myself, or just to trust the process within the counselling relationship.

I have been very lucky to be able offered many external training courses for further development and have learnt a great from training courses. I have counselled both male and female survivors which is rare in some agencies. My experience of volunteering at KASP is one of inclusion, just because I volunteer does not mean I am less important to the team, or to our client’s.

The work is the same. KASP I feel has an ethos of we are all in it together, I feel there is always support, when I feel slightly overwhelmed, or I am struggling to understand in my work, there is continuously a supporting hand, some is always around to talk things through. KASP also offers group supervision where I meet other volunteer counsellors. It is where we can support one other and offer different perspective or just affirm each other I know I am doing a good enough job. I find there is no pressure to have lots of clients, as I feel KASP is grateful for any time the volunteers can offer. I feel KASP is a genuine, real place to offer our many clients a safe place to perhaps heal.


" "

As volunteer counselor, I have experienced KASP as a safe environment in which to work as beneficial for myself as well as for my clients. As a result of the safe space that KASP provides, my experience has been that clients feel able to share and process their stories, I therefore feel grateful to be part of that journey with them.


" "

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering at Kasp. From my first day feeling so nervous, everyone made me feel welcome and I felt there was always someone to talk to about client work or personal stuff. The support and group supervision you receive is invaluable. I feel like I’ve grown with the team and it is a pleasure to still be with Kasp and watch it grow with new counsellors and training opportunities. I feel the ladies and gents we see are very well looked after and I am grateful to be part of the team. I look forward to starting back after the break and getting back to my passion of counselling.

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What to do to volunteer for KASP?

Volunteering for us is very easy!

Weather it is to undertake your counselling placement here at Kasp or to volunteer your time and counselling expertise for us, or to befriend, the only thing you have to do is to get in touch! As simple as that 🙂

Once you contact us we will ask you to fill in an application form and come for a wee informal interview with one of the coordinator, the manager and possibly some other members of the staff. 

This would be so we have the chance to meet each other. You will be able to find out more about the organization, its people and the work we do and we will have the chance to find out more about you, your goals and your motivations for volunteering for us.

At the end of the process, we both will have a good idea about KASP being the right place for you to volunteer in or undertake your placement.

So keep an eye on the open volunteer vacancies bellow but know that if you do contact us when we don’t have vacancies available we will take your details and place you on our database for future volunteer recruitment periods.

 We would love to hear from you!!

KASP is so good with Volunteers that we also got the Volunteer Friendly award!!

Open Volunteer opportunities

At the moment the recruitment of any more volunteer counsellors or placement students is very uncertain. We are at maximum capacity just now, therefore we will not be able to recruit any more until some of the current placement students finish their placement and decide to cease providing counselling for KASP.

We are not very sure how many will decide to leave and when, as nobody is expressing feelings to leave just yet. We do have high rates of volunteer retention so we cannot promise any space being free at any time soon.

However, we are just now recruiting volunteer Befrienders! Check our job vacancies page for more info .

Need any more information?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about volunteering with us as we would be delighted to hear from you, but bear in mind that we may not have volunteer or placement vacancies open. We will advertise them on this page so you can keep an eye on open opportunities.