Funders & Training

Our Funders


We are fortunate to be funded by a number of funders who believe in KASPs cause.

Fife Council support our core projects.

Big Lottery supports our volunteer counsellor service

Violence Against Women – Scottish Government fund our childhood sexual abuse & domestic abuse post

Survivors Scotland – Scottish Government fund our Befriending Service

Fife Voluntary Action – Supports KASP group work/counselling/responsive work 

Our Training

What training do we offer?

KASP can provide a range of training and/or presentations to professionals working in Fife.

At KASP we feel very strongly about the importance of sharing survivor’s feelings and words with other professionals so any survivor who chooses to disclose are held and heard appropriately.

From this we have put together a training programme to enable anyone supporting a survivor.

The training provides an understanding, regarding the complexities of childhood sexual abuse, to enable workers to stay alongside anyone who has been abused and to feel confident in their skills.

Our training is experiential, this is learning by doing, which very much means getting involved in exercises that will evoke feelings, reactions and working with whatever arises for the workers.

It can feel at times a little uncomfortable, yet the point of this is if someone choses to disclose their story to you have the ability  to stay alongside them with care ,compassion  with them no matter what is evoked in you , as this is about the client and the trust they have in you .

The training we are providing:

We deliver training through Fife Violence against Woman Partnership.

We deliver Understanding Childhood Sexual Abuse, 2 day training course with Fife Council Corporate Parents and Residential Care Workers.

See Me
Not My Mask

This course aims to support participants to gain an increased understanding around the complexities of disclosure and in particular how those affected may react or respond.

Understanding Men & Boys
experience of Sexual Abuse

This course looks at men and boys experience of surviving childhood sexual abuse, rape & sexual assault and how they can often be the hidden victims.

Understanding Childhood
Sexual Abuse

2 day training course Fife Council Corporate Parents and Residential Care Workers TACT Scotland Foster Carers

The training can be half a day or a full day, tailored to the needs of the group requesting the training. Our training can be delivered for a fee dependent on the needs of the organisation.

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