Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project exists to provide support which aims to eliminate the debilitating effects that childhood sexual abuse can have on adult survivors.

Supporting adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Our values:

Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma

The symptoms that can be generated from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse can be excrutiating and life inhibiting.   Common responses include shame, anxiety, depression, anger, eating issues, substance misuse and relationship difficulties.  Some survivors may be plagued by memories in the form of distressing flashbacks, body memories, mental images or nightmares.  These symptoms are all normal responses to trauma and they can feel overwhelming and difficult to deal with. 

Childhood sexual abuse may have been perpetrated by a member of the family, a family friend, another trusted adult, a stranger or a group of adults. It may have happened once, or over a period of time. Sexual abuse can mean a wide range of experiences – the most important thing is for the survivor to identify the experience as sexually abusive.

Many people who were sexually abused as children did not tell anyone at the time and may believe it is too late to talk about it now. It is never too late. KASP supports adults of all ages. 

The free and confidential counselling and support that we offer enables survivors of sexual abuse to make sense of the present in relation to the past.  Being heard and supported can help to ease the pain and reduce the power and impact of the memories.

Healing from the effects of childhood sexual abuse is not something you have to do alone and we invite you to browse our website for additional information on the type of support and services that we offer.

What services we offer

Counselling & Support

Counselling is about working together , you and your counsellor helping with the muddle that is left behind having suffered childhood sexual abuse.

Its having a space for you, your counsellor will listen, accept, believe, care, won’t judge and nurture ….and will help you understand the complex mix of feelings and emotions.

At KASP we don’t only offer counselling but we also offer practical support to make sure survivors of sexual abuse have their basic needs met.

Young People

The young person service is designed to focus and prioritise the needs of the 16-25 year olds who are referred or refer themselves to KASP’s service.

We offer 1-1 face to face counselling, videocall or telephone counselling. This is within the KASP premises, but outreach is also available.

Domestic Abuse

On this service we provide 1:1 outreach support and counselling to survivors of childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse; including risk assessments, emotional support, advocacy work, involvement in child protection procedures and safety planning.

We also facilitate the CEDAR mothers group (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) for  mothers



Offering survivors of childhood sexual abuse a befriending service to reduce isolation and improve social skills.

Not sure which one?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing to read too much information online, if you are not sure about which service fits your needs, don’t worry, we are here at the end of the phone or email to help you decide. 

Our Staff

Here at KASP we have a very competent, caring and committed team of staff and volunteers whose main  passion is helping others. Click bellow to find out more about them 


“ KASP has sustained and supported me through a terrible time. It has made me look at my life and myself within that and also significant relationships. It has supported me in overwhelming grief. ”


“Made such a difference to be able to tell my story as helped me feel better about myself and how I feel better about myself and how I feel now. ”       Survivor

“KASP Made me realise how important I am and how to take care of myself. More at peace. Good to talk to someone and not be judged. Made me think more about the whole situation. ”  Survivor


“KASP has made me understand that it wasn’t my fault and helped to understand how to deal with my feelings. ” 


“ KASP helped me to build coping strategies to look at the importance of respecting myself and my experiences and accepting what has happened in the past and trying to move on. ”     Survivor

“KASP got me out of big black hole   Survivor

It was good to have someone to talk to, even if I wasn’t sure if it would be too helpful. ”     Survivor

The service has not only helped me but it has helped my family. My communication with my family has improved and overall we have overcome my “demons” together.   Survivor

KASP Story

In 1993 A few Social Workers identified a need for a group for survivors of sexual abuse and at first they got funding to operate a help line.

Kirkcaldy Area Abuse Survivors” Project started as an Independent Urban Programme funded Project, which received joint funding from both the Scottish Office and Fife Council. The Project was recognised as a Scottish Charity by the Inland Revenue established in January 1995 for the purpose of providing a range of free and confidential support services to adults, both male and female (16 years and over) from ‘Priority Areas’ in Kirkcaldy, Levenmouth, Glenrothes, Kennoway, Burntisland and Cardenden. 


Volunteering at KASP

Here at KASP we have a wonderful and very committed team of volunteers.

Our trustees are a team of 5 highly committed individuals with a lot to offer to the organization and who also volunteer their time.

At the moment we have 19 volunteer counsellors and we will soon start the recruitment of volunteer befrienders.

If you would like to be part of our great team and contribute to this important cause please click read more below for more information.