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Following a discussion in August 2023 between Joy Patrick (KASP manager) and Jan Swan (FRASAC CEO) it was decided that KASP befriending service would open up to referrals from FRASAC clients. As we are now offering this service out with KASP, and it continues to grow, we acknowledged that we needed to recruit more volunteer befrienders.

Have you got what it takes to become a Befriender?

The befriending service is a warm and welcoming team. The team all very supportive of each other and have regular contact with KASP staff and counselling volunteers. This has given our befrienders a sense of belonging and a feeling of being a valuable part of the whole service.

We are now open to recruiting volunteer befrienders. As a volunteer you can expect to have excellent training opportunities. You will be invited to attend regular team meetings and have an input to how the service progresses and grows. You will be offered peer support and have opportunities to get to know the other befrienders, attend social events and celebrations and have regular support and supervision from the co-ordinator.

KASP really values and supports all of our volunteers, and we acknowledge that we would be unable to offer all of the services that we do without our volunteers.

Our induction programme is thorough and has been developed using the guidance and expertise of the Befriending Network.

With regard to training and due to the nature of our client group, we expect our volunteers to complete NES Trauma Skilled Practice Level, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Self-harm and Suicide and Child Protection and Adult Support and Protection training. This ensures that before you even have client contact, you will be well equipped with knowledge and have an increased confidence to undertake the role.

As a befriender, you will benefit from being a community connector. You can help your befriendee build trust, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, a sense of belonging and improved mental health and wellbeing, amongst other positive boosts. The good news is that you benefit from all these too by offering your time to your befriendee.

Many of our befrienders have been able to use the skills learned to improve their employability prospects and some have gone on to jobs that have utilised skills gained whilst being a befriender.

If you or anyone you know, (colleague, friend, family member, client) are interested in becoming a volunteer befriender, please contact or you can call our office on 01592 644217 or message us on 07501221909 for more information take this forward and arrange a friendly chat with our co-ordinator, who will give you more information about the service.