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Internationals Women’s Day

KASP have chosen to celebrate Internationals Women’s Day by sharing our own experience of training with Carolyn Spring, an author, trainer, and a trauma survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Carolyn Spring

‘’I’ve spent over a decade researching and learning how the brain is impacted by trauma and suffering and how it can process and recover from such suffering. After years believing that I was too damaged to heal, that things would never improve – that I was too ‘mad’ and too ‘bad’ – I began to better understand how trauma impacts the brain and the body, and I began to find some answers. My work is all about making the complex simple so that other people can find the answers too. I help to bridge that gap between experts and survivors through putting my experience into words and moulding it also into training. And that’s what I offer you on my website, where you will find a tonne of articles and podcasts as well as lots of free downloadable resources.’’

Celebrating Carolyn Spring

KASP would like to celebrate Carolyn Spring, an author, trainer, and a trauma survivor of childhood sexual abuse. An inspiration to all of those who have read her books, quotes, listened to her podcasts and completed training courses. In sharing her experience, she can provide the context of her own childhood sexual abuse. She has reversed adversity in her own life and in the lives of other survivors.

We asked some of our team what their thoughts were following various Carolyn Spring’s training. Here is what they had to say.

“I came across Carolyn Spring’s courses early in my counselling training and found her mix of lived experience and psycho education such a helpful way to understand trauma, anxiety, and distress. She underpins everything with research and has both counsellors and clients in mind. In particular, I love that much of her courses are useful to bring to sessions with clients. (And she even provides lots of resources to do this).

Carolyn’s courage to share her own traumatic childhood along with her therapy journey offers a message of hope for both clients and counsellors – which is so needed amid the impact childhood sexual abuse has on our client’s lives.”

Karen – Volunteer Counsellor

“Carolyn Spring is an amazing lady who has recovered from trauma and who has transformed this experience into a life’s work of training people and helping others become aware of the effects of traumatic experiences.Her trainings are well-documented and filled with relevant information, and her writing in her books and in the training materials, is very accessible yet knowledgeable.”

Mary – Volunteer Counsellor

”Carolyn spring has been such an influential part of my trauma training. Her courses are delivered in such a way it really sinks in. Her working with shame course really resonated with me and my clients benefited from this. What an absolute shining star, her story brings tears to my eyes with empathy and inspiration, she helps so many with her lived experiences, kind gentle way and extensive knowledge. The world is a better place for Carolyn Spring.’’

Adele – Volunteer Counsellor

”I have just finished my 2nd Carolyn Spring course and I would say that she is such an inspiration. She has such great knowledge of abuse and trauma and will guide you along all three sides of survivor, perpetrator, and counsellor to give a more In-depth and considered view of what is going on, on all sides. I have learned so much from her already and even though the courses can be tough, they are worth doing to help expand your understanding and to better help your clients.’’

Tina – Volunteer Placement Counsellor

To find out more about Carolyn Spring's training, blogs, podcasts and books, visit her website here