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Masks – many of us wear them every day

Definition: A covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise.

We all wear masks, we do this to manage life, to smile when we don’t feel like smiling, to hide our true emotions and to act like everything in our life is fine.

Our clients would be lost without their masks as they have been wearing them for most of their lives.

For many people, what the world sees on the outside is not what it’s like on the inside.

To wear a mask can mean you can cover up all that you are feeling especially when you have been hurt and abused and have no one to tell . . .

Shame and guilt is a massive part of mask wearing too, our clients self-belief is that if people knew what was behind their masks no one would want to know them – the world can be very scary place where masks are needed. Masking can make life easier, yet who wants to wear a mask for ever?

”I want my inside feelings and outside feelings to be the same”

KASP can provide a safe space to remove your mask when clients are ready. To be seen by another person, to feel care, warmth and love for who has been hidden behind a mask for so many years.

At KASP that’s what we hope for. You don’t have to keep your mask on, as you slowly see yourself without your mask, you allow others to see you too.

This is about you and who you are as masks can hide the true you!

All of this can be very scary, our role in this process is not to remove our clients masks, its giving client time and space to put their masks down when they are ready, if they are every ready. The strength that can take is immense. The ability to be authentic and real. And to believe that people care about their true feelings so you can learn to show them , feeling by feeling . . .

The relationship with your counsellor or support person is vital, a steppingstone to being seen, removing masks can start in the counselling room. From that place of  ‘being seen’ can then transfer out to the outside world .

Through time, this will enable you to allow family, friends and people in your life, to see you, all of you. To see your pain, your sorrow, your happiness and your joy.

  • Trust
  • Believe
  • Acceptance
  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Boundaries
  • Having a voice
  • Being heard
  • Being seen

A Mask

The me you see may not be me.
The face you see may not be mine.
The me you see is what you want to see.
A mask, a covering a time.
The me you see is crying inside.
The face you see covers hurt again and again.
The me you see has so much to hide.
A mask, a covering of pain.
The me you see wants to be so real.
The face you see wants to crumble and cry.
The me you see has too much pain just to feel.
A mask, a covering why.
Please look beyond that me that you see.
Please look behind the face that’s on show.
Please look and find the hurt, the real me.
And remove the mask, just let me go.
By Therise

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